Quality Check Process for Courses for Fraxir

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

1. Initial Review:
   - The content review team initiates the quality check process by conducting an initial review of the course content, learning objectives, and teaching methods.
   - The team carefully examines the course materials to ensure the content aligns with the proposed curriculum and meets the expected standards.

2. Content Evaluation:
   - The team assesses the course content for accuracy, relevance, and comprehensiveness.
   - The content review team checks if the information presented is up-to-date, supported by reliable sources, and free from any potential biases.
   - They also verify academic integrity and proper citation of sources.

3. Learning Objectives Analysis:
   - The content review team evaluates the clarity, achievability, and measurability of the course's learning objectives.
   - They ensure that the learning objectives are clearly stated, and the course content effectively addresses and achieves those objectives.

4. Teaching Methods and Engagement Assessment:
   - The team analyzes the teaching methods and strategies employed in the course.
   - The content review team checks if the course content is presented in an engaging and interactive manner, promoting active learning and critical thinking.
   - They evaluate the use of multimedia resources, interactive elements, and opportunities for student engagement.

5. Technical Quality Check:
   - The content review team conducts a thorough examination of the technical aspects of the course.
   - They assess the quality of video and audio components, readability of text, and overall presentation.
   - The team identifies and flags any technical errors, glitches, or inconsistencies that may hinder the learning experience for correction.

6. User Experience Evaluation:
   - The team assesses the course from the learner's perspective.
   - They consider factors such as user-friendliness, ease of navigation, and accessibility.
   - The content review team evaluates the clarity of instructions, comprehensiveness of guidance, and availability of adequate support materials to ensure a positive user experience.