Fraxir External Links Policy

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

The purpose of this Fraxir External Links Policy is to establish specific guidelines for the use of external links on the Fraxir platform. This policy ensures that external links are relevant, reliable, and contribute to the overall user experience and educational value of the platform.

1. Relevance and Educational Value:
   a. External links included on the Fraxir platform must be directly relevant to the educational content, resources, or topics being discussed. They should provide additional value or complementary information to enhance the understanding and learning experience for Fraxir users.
   b. Fraxir will prioritize linking to reputable sources, such as academic institutions, trusted research organizations, government agencies, and recognized experts in the relevant field.
   c. Links to commercial websites, promotional content, or unrelated topics should be avoided, unless they offer significant educational value and are directly relevant to the content.

2. Reliability and Credibility:
   a. Fraxir will only include external links to sources that are known for their credibility, accuracy, and expertise in the respective subject matter. The linked content should be based on sound research, reliable data, and authoritative references.
   b. Websites or resources linked should have a solid reputation for providing reliable information, backed by credible sources and expertise. Fraxir may consider factors such as the reputation of the organization or author, the peer-review process, and the accuracy of the information provided.
   c. Fraxir may periodically review external links to ensure that they continue to meet the standards of reliability and credibility. If a linked source is found to have lost its credibility or is no longer relevant, the link will be updated or removed.

3. User Safety and Privacy:
   a. Fraxir will prioritize the safety and privacy of its users when including external links. Links should not lead to websites or resources that pose security risks, promote illegal activities, or violate user privacy.
   b. Fraxir may employ security measures, such as scanning external links for malware or suspicious content, to protect users from potential threats. If a linked website is found to contain security risks or malicious content, the link will be promptly removed.
   c. Fraxir encourages users to report any concerns regarding the safety or privacy of linked content, and appropriate action will be taken to address the reported issues.

4. Transparency and Disclosure:
   a. Fraxir will clearly disclose when a link leads to an external website or resource. Users should be informed that they are leaving the Fraxir platform and accessing content from a third-party source.
   b. Fraxir may use appropriate visual cues, such as an icon or an "External Link" label, to indicate external links. The disclosure should be easily noticeable and distinguishable from internal links.
   c. The disclosure may include a brief description or summary of the linked content, helping users understand the relevance and value of visiting the external source.

5. Regular Monitoring and Maintenance:
   a. Fraxir will regularly monitor the external links included on the platform to ensure that they remain relevant, reliable, and meet the established guidelines.
   b. Broken or outdated links will be promptly identified and either updated or removed. Fraxir may use automated tools or manual checks to verify the status and functionality of external links.
   c. Fraxir encourages user feedback regarding external links. Users can report broken links, suggest new relevant resources, or provide feedback on the quality and usefulness of the linked content. User suggestions will be considered for improving the external link selection and maintenance process.

6. Compliance with Legal and Copyright Requirements:
   a. Fraxir will ensure that all external links comply with applicable laws, including copyright and intellectual property rights. Links to unauthorized or infringing content will not be included on the Fraxir platform.
   b. If copyright infringement is identified or if a copyright holder requests the removal of a link, Fraxir will promptly remove the link from the platform and take appropriate action to address the issue.
   c. Fraxir may provide proper attribution or citation when linking to copyrighted content, adhering to fair use guidelines and copyright best practices.

By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this External Links Policy, Fraxir aims to provide users with valuable, reliable, and relevant external resources that enhance their educational journey while ensuring their safety and maintaining the platform's integrity.